As a realtor building a business, are you faced with:

  • daily phone calls
  • answering emails
  • scheduling appointments
  • taking clients for viewings
  • dealing with paperwork
  • no time to spend with your family?

Connecting Offices offers you the type of support you have been looking for. Real Estate professionals can benefit by partnering with a Professional Certified Real Estate Assistant, like Kelsey Robertson. Supporting your business by competently completing important tasks that require attention to detail, are time sensitive, or simply tasks that prevent you from having the time required for those important face-to-face meeting with prospects, clients and family.

Benefits for you can include:

  • Social Media Marketing Consultant | Real Estate specific -visit Link to Social Media to learn more
  • time freedom | breathing space to network, meet with clients or simply take a weekend off
  • organization | files – virtual and paper, schedule and confirm meetings/appointments
  • peace of mind | trustworthy, dependable and efficient partner
  • increases in revenue and productivity
  • assurances of confidentiality | integral with high ethical standards
  • cost effective support | billed for hours worked

 Click here to access our Needs Assessment. It will help determine the level of support required.

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