We were trying to build our ozone business, when I was in contact with Kelsey. We were having a difficult time with some marketing issues, for advertising. I explained our dilemma to Kelsey, and right away she had great ideas, and I literally handed her what little information we had put together, and she said to leave it with her, and she would put something together for us. Within a short period of time, Kelsey had worked her “magic” using her knowledge, organizational skills and techniques; she developed business cards, brochures and other literature for our new business! We were so thrilled! We knew how to operate our new venture; however we really did not know how to market ourselves. Connecting Offices is a great idea for any business or entrepreneur whether you are already a situated company or just getting started, Kelsey will get you on the right track, to being organized, so that you can concentrate on your business.

Phillip and Lesley

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