Below you will find Virtual Assistant Resources that I have found useful in setting up my own VA business.  I hope that you will find them helpful as well.

    • I completed the Red Deer College Virtual Assistant Certification program prior to starting my own business.  Michelle, one of our instructors, wrote several books that we used during the courses.  Her knowledge of being a Virtual Assistant is invaluable.  Please click here to visit mjVA and Associates to learn about the book/products she has available.
    •  VA Classroom offers a number of different courses that are beneficial to Virtual Assistants. Visit VAClassroom and find out how you can learn the skills you need to skyrocket your business.
    • There are several great resources at VA Networking.  They have a great business start-up program or you can check out the VAvirtuoso Series for wonderful skill development opportunities. I have taken two of them and been very pleased.
    • Pam Ivey offers several different courses aimed at helping a VA to find their “niche” market. I completed the Real Estate Assistant Certification which gives you the tools to be a successful Real Estate Assistant and the best part is it applies to both the U.S. and Canadian markets. Assignments and tests were marked quickly and returned with helpful/supportive comments. The course gives you the basics and then goes beyond to help you to think outside the box as you support the Real Estate Professional. Be sure to check out some of her courses.